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“If we knew that worship would end by 11:30 we would be there all the time.” The parent who shared that comment wasn’t necessarily opposed to worship services and Sunday faith formation classes that last over an hour. The problem had to do with Sunday morning schedules. “If we have a game or event to be at by noon or even 12:30 we have to be out of church by 11:30 if we are to make it on time. But if there is a baptism, or a faith blessing event, or multiple choir anthems we usually don’t get out until 11:45 or later and that just doesn’t give us enough time to prepare and arrive at our next event on Sunday’s busy schedule.”

In response to these and similar concerns over the past years, the Worship and Music Committee and worship staff, discussed how worship might be able to end by 11:30 on a regular basis and in extreme cases no later than 11:40. Over the last four weeks the 10:30 worship service has ended no later than 11:38 and as early as 11:25. In those last four weeks there has been a baptism, a confirmation of 13 youth, a graduate blessing, and one Sunday with multiple choirs singing anthems. Here’s what made the difference and will be followed throughout the summer and going forward.

  • Announcements will begin promptly at 7:55 and 10:25 followed by the Prelude.
  • Confession and Forgiveness will begin at 8:00 and 10:30.
  • When there are baptisms, blessing rites (e.g. Confirmation, Senior Blessing), or multiple choir anthems, the music staff will insure hymns remain around 3 minutes and Pastor Wayne will insure his sermon ends by 11:00 or earlier.
  • If on those Sundays the sacraments and blessing rites are anticipated to take a significant amount of time, the Confession will be omitted for that service and an extra communion assistant will be stationed at the rear of the church to expedite communion distribution.

PLEASE NOTE: The overall quality and content of our worship will not change! What we have observed is simply by starting worship on time and making some slight changes we are confident the 10:30 worship will end by 11:30 almost every Sunday and no later than 11:40 on any given Sunday. The Worship and Music Committee hopes this will enable a greater portion of our congregation to integrate worship and faith formation back into their busy Sunday schedules so they might be fed with God’s word and food of faith and equipped for ministry each week.