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The Reformation was sparked by Martin Luther’s rediscovery of the freedom the gospel offers through God’s own Holy Word. On the day a child is baptized, parents promise to one day place in their child’s hands God’s Holy Scriptures. On October 29, Reformation Sunday, the parents of third grade children will make good on that promise as they present their children with their first Bible at a special blessing during the 10:30 worship service. Third Graders who would receive their Bibles are Luisa Bovell, Hailey Duckett, Ryan Gallagher, Hannah Little, Emma Morris, Lila Rodriguez, Libbi Speyerer, and Lucas Yoder.

Back on Sep 30, those same parents and children gathered for a preparation class on the importance of studying God’s word of the Bible in a disciple’s daily life. Parents and children will highlight key passages in each book of the new Spark Bible (NRSV) the children will be receiving each night using the FAITH5 model for Family Home Huddles. Parents will also write a dedication to their child inside the Bible. The Spark Bible was chosen for its focus on teaching children how to read, understand, and reflect on God’s Word WHILE they are reading the Bible.