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The situation in which Jeremiah prophesied – that is, spoke God’s messages – was one of disaster and uncertainty. Christians find comfort in this word. The impact of God’s word on us is perhaps not so globally evident as the fates and fortunes of biblical Israel. God’s people, the church, are not the citizens of any particular nation. We are a family of baptized children residing in many countries around the globe. Yet God knows heartbreak over our sin and separation. At the same time, God continually welcomes us into his loving presence. In that word, the gospel of Jesus Christ, God gives us hope. This is not a Bible lecture but rather a discussion of how what we read in Scripture is applicable to our daily life and faith. Attend either Mondays from 7:30-9:00 PM or Wednesday mornings from 9:30-11:00 AM in Room 112. No prior attendance or scriptural knowledge is required to gain insight and value from the discussion. Just drop on in. Bibles are available if you don’t have one. See you beginning in February up to Holy Week. The following dates, reading, and topics are as follows:

  • Feb 10/12 Chapters 1-4 Call of Jeremiah
  • Feb 24/26 Chapters 5-11 False Worthless Religion
  • Mar 2/4 Chapters 12-19 Potter and Clay
  • Mar 9/11 Chapters 20-29 Jeremiah Threatened
  • Mar 16/18 Chapters 30-35 Promise of Renewal
  • Mar 23/25 Chapters 36-45 Jeremiah’s Last Word
  • Mar 30/Apr 1 Chapters 46-52 Fall of Jerusalem