Worship With Us!

8am & 10:30am Traditional
9:15am Contemporary

The Anniversary Steering Committee is looking for people to help with the 90th anniversary banquet to be held October 29, 2017, at Tavistock Country Club. We are looking for volunteers

  • to create centerpieces for the tables
  • to assemble a slide show
  • to join the Steering Committee

If you are interested in helping, contact Laura Oakes or Bobbi Newsham.


As part of our 90th Anniversary Celebration we are having a special Coffee Hour on Sunday, November 12. We chose 11/12 as it is near Martin Luther’s Birthday; he was born 11/10/1483.

Please start gathering any items you have connected to LCOS, including pictures. These could include Confirmation at the church, your wedding picture if you were married here, Fastnacht, Mother’s Day, etc. We are also looking for any newspaper articles or items relating to the church, such as refrigerator magnets, book marks, Christmas cards, that you may have to display that day. It will be fun to see what items will be found.

We will collect the items in October and keep them at the church at a specific TBD spot for safe keeping. We ask that you write details of what it is and your name on a 3 x 5 index card so everyone knows who brought the item and we will make sure it gets back to you.

More information to follow in the September Messenger. Any questions, please contact Bobbi Newsham.