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This year, instead of taking tags from the Advent Giving Tree, an Advent Giving Online Registry will be available so members can sign up independent of being in church. Link to the registry will be posted on LCOS website. There will be no wrapped or unwrapped gifts, only gift cards. Looking to start mid November. The online registry will benefit Urban Promise (for their Christmas Promise Store), Caring Hearts, Pantry families, and My Father’s House. Gifts to be sent to the church. Anyone wishing to make a monetary donation, please make checks payable to LCOS, and indicate Advent Giving Tree in memo line and mail to the church. Donations for the Advent Giving Tree can also be made online thru Simply Giving at http://oursaviorhaddonfield.org/simply-giving/. Contact Betsy Kuehn at 856-429-3355 or betsy406@comcast.net with questions.

Select a gift slot from the Advent Giving Online Registry. Put your name and phone number. Purchase the gift card(s), and mail or deliver to church. $25.00 per gift card, Indicate slot #, this will help with organizing the gift cards for each group. Some slots may show more than 1 gift card, depends on number of family members (Pantry families). A slot may indicate gift cards to more than 1 store (Caring Hearts). All gift cards must be labeled with the amount, if pre-wrapped, please identify gift card, especially for Urban Promise (tags 81-180).

Please send / deliver to the church by December 6, 2020. Thank you and God bless you for your help during this holiday season.