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Despite the Coronavirus vaccine now being administered the threat of contracting the virus is still very much an issue. At the time of this article we are not planning to hold sanctuary worship at the normal 7:30 p.m. time but will provide livestream worship instead. This poses an issue for those who normally anticipate the imposition of ashes during the service as a reminder of both our mortality and the hope we have of new life by our baptism into Christ’s death and resurrection. Pastor Wayne will make a large batch of ashes from previous Palm Sunday palms available by noon on Sunday, Feb 14 so that people may have ashes to impose on themselves or others within their household. It is recommended you bring a cleaned out soda cap to place some ashes into and then use it to dispense ashes using your thumb or forefinger to trace the sign of the cross on one’s forehead while saying, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” Pastor Wayne will provide the instruction for when and how to impose the ashes during the livestream worship service that night.