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Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour

The Parish Administrator establishes a yearly schedule for the LCOS committees and groups responsible for each Coffee Hour. The various groups receive the schedule in advance, and it is posted in the monthly Messenger newsletter and the weekly Sunday Bulletin.
Coffee Fellowship
Click here for instructions if you are responsible for a Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour Instructions

  • FOOD: It is the Chair’s responsibility to coordinate with their committee or group to bring in items such as pastries, fruit, cheese platter, and either orange or apple juice. They can be left in the kitchen on the counter or in the refrigerator prior to the assigned Sunday, labeled “Coffee Hour.” Serving platters, serving spatulas and knives are in the downstairs kitchen.
  • CUPS & PLATES, etc: The coffee table is always set up in the Narthex with reusable cups and glasses, stirrers, creamers, sugar/sweetener, tea (regular and herbal). The food table is always set up with reusable plates forks, and paper napkins. There is a cart for the dirty dishes by the coffee table. Extra supplies are in the cabinet in the library.
  • DISHWASHER: Start the dishwasher in the kitchen by 9:00 a.m. so it has time to warm up. The directions regarding how to run the dishwasher are taped to the front of the dishwasher.
  • COFFEE & TEA: Regular and decaf coffee are under the sink in the mini kitchen in the library. If you do not know how to make the coffee, please see the Parish Administrator. Make sure the tea kettle has fresh water; plug it in by 8:50 a.m.
  • CLEAN-UP at 10:30 a.m:

    • Empty and rinse coffee carafes in the sink in the mini kitchen in the library; leave them in the sink to drain.
    • Wipe down the tables with anti-bacterial wipes kept by the coffee table.
    • Take dishes in the cart down to the kitchen via elevator. Rinse the dishes so there are no food particles, and place in the dish racks. NOTE: The dishwasher is not a standard dish washer, it is basically a sanitizer. Follow the directions on the dishwasher. It takes approximately 5 minutes to run the dishwasher, and it is recommended to run each load twice, but you only need to add detergent once.
      Leave the dishes in the racks on the counter beside the dishwasher to dry. The Parish Administrator will put them back upstairs.
    • Turn off the dishwasher before you leave, and make sure you pull out the standpipe so the dishwasher drains.