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Since we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, I have thought about some of the major themes of that historic period of time: innovation, yet a respect for tradition and a vast historical awareness. Luther used technology of the time to further the Gospel. As hard as it is to believe, the printing press was groundbreaking technology at the time of the Reformation. Another wonderful innovation that Luther included was increased congregational participation through liturgy and hymns.

On the other hand, Luther inherited a centuries old tradition of theology, liturgy, and music. In the Book of Concord, Luther even remarked “We do not abolish the Mass, but religiously keep and defend it.” While most Lutherans typically don’t refer to services as Mass, there are many similarities in terms of the structure between a Catholic Mass and a Lutheran worship service. As Lutherans, we simultaneously have one foot grounded in tradition and another foot walking towards the future. Think of Inspector Gadget with a Bible and a hymnal.

On April 30 at 4 pm, the Adult Choir and orchestra will present a concert that will celebrate the profound tradition of the Lutheran liturgy and the vital Lutheran contribution of congregational singing. Entitled Absolutely Glorious: Vivaldi Gloria and Other Sacred Gems, this concert will explore Christian music through the ages, from the dramatic Gloria by Antonio Vivaldi to contemporary and jazz-based works. Spoken reflections and audience participation will place the musical selections