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Another year of confirmation ministry with catechetical instruction begins Sunday, Sep 15, at 6:30 with a “Back to Confirmation Night” orientation for both youth and parents in the Church Sanctuary where the goals and volunteer opportunities of the program will be reviewed. The class of about 22 seventh and eighth grade youth, along with parent Guides, will cover the Ten Commandments and The Lord’s Prayer at bi- weekly Learn Events, and Stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure at the fall Lock-In Retreat. They will also receive acolyte training as a part of the retreat. Each Learn Event’s theme will utilize the Teen Study Bible, all youth entering the ministry receive, as well as, Luther’s Small Catechism, at every event, and process what was shared in Small Groups with an adult Guide facilitating the conversation. In addition, the program includes:

  • Play Events coordinated with the Oasis Youth ministry
  • Serve Events ranging from making meals for My Father’s House and Youth Sunday Worship leadership, to serving either as an acolyte or singing in the Youth Choir.
  • Participation in a Stepping into the Catechism Blessing during the 10:30 worship on September 22.

Confirmation isn’t just for youth any more. Parents are invited to gather for Learn Events and participate in their own Parent Group for fellowship and rediscovering the faith applications of Luther’s Small Catechism in their daily lives. While this may be a lot to ask of families with extremely full schedules, Pastor Wayne strongly believes the most important way to teach faith to our children is to first teach and empower loving adults to model and share the faith with them. In addition, parents have the opportunity to explore what they once learned in confirmation from their perspective and life experience of an adult, and how that impacts their own faith in daily life.

Confirmation Lock-In on Sep 20-21 Focuses on Community Building & Stewardship

On Friday and Saturday, September 20-21, the Confirmation Youth will gather at the church for a lock-in retreat followed by a community building experience at Camp Edge in Alloway. The Lock-In portion of the retreat begins Friday, Sep 20 at 6:30 and will include acolyte training and a focus on the Christian discipline of Giving of our time, talent, and treasure.

On Saturday the group will travel to Camp Edge in Alloway for a Low Ropes Course session to enhance becoming more tightly knit as a community in the body of Christ. The cost of the event is $20/participant to cover the cost of Camp Edge fees. Parents will be chaperoning the event both over- night at the church and at Camp Edge.