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The calendar may say December, but it’s still growing season at Our Savior—Growing in Faith, Growing in Service, Growing in Giving. Here’s an update on how we’re doing so far.

Growing in Service

Thanks to everyone who responded to the Growing in Service campaign. There were 40 response sheets returned with multiple ministries checked off. As a result of your positive responses, a new Book Club will be gathering in January, ushers will be added to the ranks, volunteers have joined Mission Quilts, and the number of people preparing the various church mailings has increased—just to name a few. There were even parishioners who volunteered to serve on the Church Council. The results of the campaign were positive, and hopefully the experience of serving will be positive, also.

Don’t feel left out if you didn’t return a response sheet. All of our ministries are open to new members at any time. Contact ministry chairs and find out how you can help.

Growing in Giving

Again, thank you to all who returned a pledge card in response to the Growing in Giving Stewardship campaign. We received 60 Pledges totaling $181,630 on Commitment Sunday, and additional responses are still coming in. Totals will be reported throughout December, so it’s not too late to turn in your response. Every pledge card helps Our Savior’s ministry grow.

Thank you also to everyone who helped on both campaigns. It was a real team effort. Whether you helped with mailings, skits, number crunching or writing, your support was greatly appreciated. And a special thank you to Ethan Quanci, who donated his artistic talents to create LCOS’ very own original logo.

Now as we turn our focus to a new calendar year, may we all continue to grow in faith, service and giving in 2020.