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It’s a weird time to be writing my last newsletter article right now. Not because the end of internship is something unexpected, it’s just that the end is SIX weeks away! And yet because of the newsletter creation and release schedule, here I am writing this out.

As “normal” internships go, the first 3/4 of my time at Our Savior could be easily described that way. Lots of committee meetings. Regular worship schedules following the church calendar. Confirmation trips and classes. Council and Me-morial Gift board sessions. 

And then, as we all know coronavirus changed everything. Or did it? Most of those things are still the majority of my schedule. Oh, they look different, they sound different, they feel differ-ent…. But most of that has still been happening. 

Internship is supposed to be a time of learning and experiencing what life as a Pastor is supposed to be like. At one point I was disappointed or confused, worrying that with all of these changes I wasn’t getting the “full experience”. But as time has gone on, I realize that the church has changed. 

Something new is happening in our congregation, and across the world. Our new normal is going to be a lot more digital, and a lot less reliant on physical spaces. That we will spend more time be-ing the church in the world, and a lot less time just going to church. 

So, even if this internship has been ANYTHING but tradition-al… I thank you for this time we have spent together. I know that I have learned so much from each of you, and I hope that in my own way I have shared my gifts in ways that have helped you to grow in your life of faith. 

You have been a blessing to me, so I ask you to continue being a blessing to each other, to your community and your world. Go spread the Good News, proclaim Justice and Peace, and to quote a favorite movie of mine from 1989, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Ad-venture… 

Be Excellent to Each Other. 

Vicar Josh Pontious