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Haegele’s Bakery in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia has been making the tasty Fastnacht (pronounced fahst-knocked) doughnuts Our Savior members and guests have enjoyed for decades on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. The tradition began when Germans preparing for the fasting that occurs in Lent would use up the lard in their stores and the easiest way to do that is fry some doughnuts, and in the Philadelphia region Haegele’s diamond-shaped powder and cinnamon sugared doughnuts have a local favorite for generations. Every year Our Savior purchased dozens to serve at various Tuesday night Fastnacht events, and while the participation in the events has diminished to the point of ceasing to hold them the demand for the doughnuts remains. This year the enjoying of Haegele’s Fastnachts will be bittersweet as the owner, Glen Haegele, died tragically while skiing with his family at the beginning of the year. You may have heard Pastor Wayne refer to this in his sermon on January 10 as Glen was his long-time friend of over 40 years and has provided the blessing and prayer every year on Fastnacht Day before the store opens at 5:00 since coming to Our Savior. As you enjoy your doughnuts this year Pastor Wayne asks you remember the Haegele family in your prayers as they strive continue the family business for what they hope will be into the fourth generation. And may your Lenten journey draw you closer to our Lord who walks with us daily.