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The Fellowship Together Committee is planning an exciting agenda of activities focused on different segments and communities. The underlying theme is to gather together to help those in need. This year we have selected “Feed My Starving Children” as the beneficiary of our fellowship activities.

Wine Tasting

Our first event is a wine tasting with a quiche option.  The event is scheduled for 7 pm April 22nd.  John Drozdal and Nancy Gulick have graciously agreed to host the event at their home, 1161 Fulling Mill Lane in Haddon Heights.  The event is open to LCOS adult members and friends at $15/person.  Partici-pants are asked to bring hors d’oeuvres or dessert dish.  The hosts will serve water, icedtea, coffee and tea.  As a bonus for those who are hungry, we will offer a slice of quiche at $5.  The quiche proceeds will be donated to “Feed My Starving Children”.  Recognizing the offer to match donations up to $2,500, participants are encouraged to make additional free will donations. Remember 25 cents buys a meal for a child! To make a reservation, contact Jack Berrigan.

Outdoor Movie Night

An outdoor movie in May for children of the congregation and the surrounding neighborhood.  Proceeds from popcorn sales will be donated to “Feed My Starving Children”.

Beer Tasting

In June, Millennials and Gen Xers and others who fancy beer can attend a beer tasting at one of the up and coming local breweries (TBA).  Participants will be encouraged to purchase food baskets at the event.  The proceeds from the food basket purchases will go to “Feed My Starving Children” .

Holy Week Worship Haddonfield NJ

Church Picnic

.Another June event under consideration is a Church-wide picnic June 25th after church at Crystal Lake.  Please contact Jack if you would like to attend.

Fall Events

Fall events are still in the planning stages but may include: cooking classes, cooking competitions, art classes, and a community–wide dinner for “Feed my Starving Children”.

Finally, Kate and I would appreciate help and ideas for individual events.  If you would like to volunteer your thoughts and time to help us bring various groups within the congregation and community together in support of a very good benevolent cause, please contact Kate 856-429-7851 or Jack Berrigan 856-888-1888.