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This year at Our Savior we’ve been looking at the many ways that God comes down to us. Perhaps there’s no more personal way that God comes down to each of us individually than through baptism. As our Evangelical Lutheran Worship Book explains, “In holy baptism the triune God delivers us from the forces of evil, puts our sinful self to death, gives us new birth, adopts us as children and makes us members of the body of Christ, the church….Although a person is baptized once, the gift of baptism continues throughout a Christian’s life.”

To remind us as adult Christians that by grace we were claimed as children of God through baptism, we occasionally take part in a service of Affirmation of Baptism, which we will do at Our Savior on November 15. We will be proclaiming our faith and declaring our intention of continuing in the covenant God made with each of us at our baptism:

To live among God’s faithful people,
To hear the word of God and share in our Lord’s supper,
To proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed,
And to strive for justice and peace in all the earth.

As we reaffirm our baptism we are reminded that we belong to God and that all we have belongs to God. We are stewards of God’s love, grace, and promise of life everlasting. We are called to share the gifts God has given us so that the church can proclaim the good news of Christ, care for those in need, and strive for justice and peace.

At the Lutheran Church of Our Savior we will be responding to all that God has given and done for us through our annual stewardship focus starting on November 8. Commitment Sunday will be November 22. Please watch your mailboxes—both at your front door and in your computer inbox—for further information and reminders. And as you watch, ask yourself:

In what ways has God come down to me in love?
What can I do differently now to respond to that love?
How might I be a good steward of God’s grace and blessings?