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In our spring of sheltering at home and summer of social distancing, there’s been more time to slow down and notice God’s creation. A cool, rainy spring prolonged the flowering tree blossoms, which led into a June of glorious roses everywhere. The vegetable and herb gardens we finally had time to start—since we were stuck at home anyway—are coming into their own now in July, as are the weeds. We may be worried about sickness and loss, but we still have been blessed abundantly by God continually coming down to us in creation. In this time of stress, nature still renews itself and us. Many things went away, but God did not.

When we make the sign of the cross, we make a vertical line down from our heads to our hearts. That line down helps us to remember that God first came down to us in creation when He gave Adam and Eve dominion over the earth and all that is in it. God is the owner; we are stewards of this creation.

In her June 7th video sermon to the ELCA, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton proclaimed: “God said and creation began…. This is the glorious relationship with God that spills out into all creation. God is not a lone ranger. And all of God hows up, delighting in creation, caring for creation, weeping for creation, redeeming creation.“

How might we better steward and care for the earth so as to sustain it for future generations? While our forced time at home has its stresses, it also has presented a chance to slow down and consider how we use and take care of the resources God continues to provide. How much non-renewable energy do we consume? Are we using more than our share of water? How much food and toilet paper do we really need? What can we re-use, rather than buy new? Are we healthier using our feet to get around rather than jumping in the car?

This time of COVID-19 forces us to look at everything through a different lens. Many things will not be the same at the other end of this crisis. Now is a good time to think about what’s really important in our lives, about what we want to keep as priorities and what we can do away with. Are we using God’s blessings to benefit others? How can we be the change God’s creation needs?

Stewards of God’s Love

God continually rains blessings down so that we can share in abundance. The work of the church goes on, no matter the challenges. Our Savior shares God’s message of love and hope in the world through your financial gifts. Thank you to all those who are giving electronically, mailing in or dropping off their offering envelopes.

For God’s People and God’s Planet and God’s Animals

We have destroyed our natural habitat in so many places that local extinction is rampant and global extinction is accelerating. This is a growing problem because it is the plants and animals around us that produce the life support we depend on. Bring native plants, trees, and shrubs into your environment and encourage others to do the same!! Native plants, trees, and shrubs such as orange coneflowers, bluebird smooth aster, red columbine, scarlett bee-balm, flowering dogwood, bald cypress, sweet bay magnolia, butterfly bush, and buttonbush to name just a few. Allow our ecological environment to flourish once again.