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Holy Week is the most meaningful time in the Christian year. From the celebration of Jesus’ triumphal entry in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, to his institution of the Lord’s Supper on Maundy Thursday, and crucifixion on Good Friday, to our celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord on Easter, we hear the stories central to our Christian faith. The celebration of Holy Week and Easter revives our baptismal faith in the hope a crucified and risen Lord offers to all who follow him from the font. Here are the list of worship opportunities and each one’s focus. Please share it with someone you know who needs to hear a word of hope. Invite them to join you this year as we gather for worship.

March 25 Palm/Passion Sunday (8:00, 9:15, 10:30)

Palms are distributed to all attending and a palm processional begins the worship. The Passion (Christ’s crucifixion) according to Mark will be dramatically read with actions by various people from the congregation in addition to worship leaders. Please note the worship times are the same as usual. Those interested in providing the dramatic reading/presentation of the Passion need to contact Austen Wilson.

March 29 Maundy Thursday (Noon & 7:30)

This is the first of what the ancient Church considered a three part worship that moves from Maundy Thursday, to Good Friday, to the Vigil of Easter or Easter celebration. There are three foci for this evening worship, Confession and Forgiveness, Jesus’ new commandment (mandate or Maundatum) to love one another, and the institution of the Lord’s Supper. Worshippers are invited to receive the laying on of hands for the forgiveness of sins at the beginning of the service. The stripping of the altar concludes the service as a reminder of the stripping and whipping Jesus received on our behalf on the night he was betrayed and arrested.

March 30 Good Friday (Noon Ecumenical at Haddonfield United Methodist)

This three hour community wide worship focuses on the seven last words of Christ found in the various four gospels. Pastors from within Haddonfield share in the preaching of the seven sermons and a choir with opera quality singers offer a musical interpretation of the same words from the cross from Dubois. It is inspiring whether you attend for all or part of the worship. Pastor Wayne will be preaching the 4th Word.

March 30 Good Friday (7:30 Tenebrae at Our Savior)

This “service of shadows” places extreme emphasis on the cross of Christ and is marked by a somber tone. Lights are dimmed as the candles representing Christ’s last words are extinguished and the congregation again leaves the worship in silent and meditative reflection.

April 1 The Resurrection of Our Lord (8:00, 9:30, 11:00)

All three worship offerings will be identical with Holy Communion offered at all three. The alleluia of song returns to the liturgy and hymnody after a long absence during Lent. Those attending the 8:00 worship also participate in a brief component of the Vigil of Easter worship where the light of Christ symbolized as the Christ
Candle enters our lives at the beginning of this worship. The baptismal font also returns to front
and center in the chancel as the life giving waters of the Resurrection now begin to flow again.
Every Christian owes it to him or herself to participate in the various worship opportunities of Holy
Week. Your faith will be renewed when you do.

Every Christian owes it to him or herself to participate in the various worship opportunities of Holy Week. Your faith will be renewed when you do.