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Remember all of those delicious meals your mother provided for your family, the way she showed her love through cooking, the special recipes only she could create? Now you can share that love by helping to feed others.

This spring honor your mother or other special person in your life by donating a bag of groceries to the LCOS Food Pantry in her name. What better way to honor someone special while providing for the needy at the same time! Please write the person’s name on the bag if you are donating in honor of someone.

These groceries will fill the shelves of the pantry and insure that we have enough food to distribute throughout the summer. Summer is traditionally a time when pantry donations dwindle and the shelves become bare. With your help we hope the shelves will remain full and provide for our pantry families all summer long!

Bags will be available on April 30th, May 7th and May 14th and should be filled and returned by May 21th. Cash donations are also wonderful – just make the check out to LCOS and write “Pantry” on the message line. Thank you for your continued support of this vital ministry!