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Each year LCOS Sisters In Service (S~I~S) decide on a worthy cause, then create ornaments to give away for a donation toward that cause. … This year we have chosen the 7 members of the MEKAOUI Family of Goldsboro NC. They are HABITAT home owners since 2009, who lost their home to a fire late this past summer. They are in temporary housing for now. LCOS youth group travels each summer on their Mission trip to help build these homes for the Goldsboro/Wayne community. We have created house ornaments (3 designs – Victorian, Gingerbread & Rancher) that will come with a detailed note card that you can gift to someone, letting them know you donated in their name.

Ornaments will be available in the Narthex on December 6th and 13th.

If you are interested in donating to support this effort please contactLisa Quanci and we will get the ornament and card out to you.

Sisters~In~Spirit 2016

  • January 22 Dinner Out Mia Mare Ristorante, Haddonfield
  • February 5 Making Chocolate Covered Pretzels LCOS Parish Hall
  • March 11 Painting with a Twist Haddonfield
  • April 15 Assembling Personal Care Kits LCOS Parish Hall
  • May 20 Dinner Out – TBA

For more information contact Connie Wolf.