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As parents hold their precious child clothed in a white gown next to the baptismal font the pastor asks them the following along with other responsibilities. As you bring your children to receive the gift of baptism, you are entrusted with responsibilities:

  • Teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments ,
  • And nurture them in faith and prayer.

When Martin Luther wrote his Small Catechism he intended it for the head of the household to use at home in providing for the faith formation and enrichment of parents and children rather than to be taught by the pastor in Confirmation classes. These “family home devotion times” were intended for nurturing one another in faith and prayer
around the contents of the Catechism.

Beginning March 5, the First Sunday in Lent, Our Savior will embark on a 35-week journey of Family Home Huddles that focus on both learning the Small Catechism and enriching the relationships among family members using the FAITH5 method. Every Sunday begins a new week where households gather at dinner or before the first person goes to bed to engage in the following five Faith Acts In The Home.

  1. SHARE the best and worst part of your day with others in your family.
  2. READ the portion of Luther’s Small Catechism assigned for the week each night.
  3. TALK about how that reading might relate to your high or low or your life in general.
  4. PRAY for another’s high and low.
  5. BLESS one another with the assigned blessing for the week.

If each household commits to this daily practice two things will happen. First, family members will become closer to each other relationally as a result of nurturing and praying for one another. Second, both children, parents and adults will know or remember the Small Catechism by Reformation Sunday and our Anniversary Celebration Dinner.

Don’t have Luther’s Small Catechism? Pastor Wayne has purchased Study Editions for every household to use and they can be picked up at church either in the narthex or in the church office along with a schedule of what READ segment of the Catechism is scheduled for each week. It will also be posted on our website. Pick up your copy on Sunday while at worship or during the week and get ready for an inspiring journey into the lives of your family members and deeper understanding of the tenets of our faith.