Worship With Us!

8am & 10:30am Traditional
9:15am Contemporary

Many of you have been able to enjoy the Facebook Live livestream worship Our Savior has been able to provide since we suspended sanctuary worship as of March 15. Many have shared how much they appreciate the ability to gather for worship in the virtual world of the internet when we could not physically gather in the sanctuary. We’ve seen people gather for our livestream worship we don’t normally see and others who are visiting guests. It has been on our “To Do” list for at least three years and it took this Coronavirus and a very talented seminary intern (thank you Vicar Josh) to get us launched.

Seeing the value in this new way to worship for so many of our members and guests made it easy for the Congregation Council to move forward and purchase the equipment needed to run the livestream worship from our pre-existing cameras and sound system going forward. We hope more of our members and interested guests who find us online will continue to use this means of gathering with the body of Christ at Our Savior when they cannot do so physically on Sundays.

Given the value of this ministry we are also asking members who may be interested in keeping our livestream ministry going strong to contact the office as we are looking to train people to operate the livestream during worship as Vicar Josh will only be with us until July 31. In the meantime check out Facebook Live worship on Sundays at 10:30. We’d love to see you there!