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Since September 15 the Congregation Resources Team has been sharing with the congregation the different ways we might consider growing in our service to God’s work in the world by giving of our time and talents to ministry. Gifts and Talents surveys were made available for members and guests to fill out and return and will again be made available on October 6 when we end the campaign with a Ministry Expo in the Parish Hall. At the expo, those attending will have an opportunity to talk with representatives of the various ministry areas of our congregation to discover how they might use their gifts and abilities in serving the needs of others as a part of God’s will being done on earth. Be sure to check out the many tables downstairs either before or after worship on October 6 and remember that as we “Grow in Faith” we are also compelled by the Holy Spirit to “Grow in Service.”

Congregational Resources:Our Fall Focus Shifts to Growing in Giving

This fall at Our Savior we’ve been looking at how our faith calls us to grow in service. As we move into October our focus shifts to growing in faith, growing in giving. The annual Stewardship Campaign kicks off on October 20, and responses will be dedicated on November 17.

The fall season with its beautiful weather and bountiful harvest reminds us of the many blessings that have been showered on us. As we grow in faith, we are called to share those gifts with our church and those in need, knowing that God will in turn provide more than enough for us.

The important word in this year’s theme of “Growing in Faith, Growing in Giving” is grow. Please take some time over the coming weeks to consider how you can grow in your steward- ship response. Growing can mean challenging ourselves to give more consistently or to stretch a little in the amount of our giving. It can also mean pledging.

How is God calling you to grow?