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Three weeks every month there are eight to ten women who gather in Room 112 for one purpose. They sew quilts; lots of quilts. Those quilts are then shipped to the distribution depot for the ELCA domestic and international relief program located in New Windsor, MD. They eventually find their way to people in Third World countries or whatever country wherein people are cold at night due to poverty or lack of resources. And the dozens of quilts these dedicated women make go a long way to meeting that ongoing need.

On Sunday, November 10, at each service, the many quilts that are currently overflowing a closet near the youth room will be draped over the pews during worship so parishioners may have a chance to offer a blessing to them prior to being shipped to New Windsor. For years this has been an “unsung” ministry of Our Savior, but on November 10 the congregation will offer their recognition and support in this quilt blessing service.

Want to know more about the Mission Quilts and MQ2 ministry at Our Savior? They meet on the first three Thursdays of every month in Room 112 from 9:00 to noon for quilting. Can’t make it during the day? A number of participants who can no longer drive or attend provide their support by cutting fabric at home or sewing pieces together in preparation for the quilting process.

For more details and contact information please contact Laurie Eason.