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KED (Kindergarten Extended Day) Program

We are finished our first year of the KED Program on a high note! The children had a Disney Day and went virtually to Disney World, there was an end of the year Pizza Party, and the last three days were Fun Days with lots of games and outside fun. Each child received a beach bucket with a beach ball that they all signed for each other and a frisbee. The teachers and I have watched them grow through the school year not just in height but emotionally, socially, and academically. We have lived out the Mustard Seed vision of “Nurturing the smallest into the greatest.” We will miss them, but we are getting ready for September and the new group that will be attending…. all 80 of them!!!

Summer Camp

We will be welcoming 54 campers over the 8 weeks of camp. Our Head Camp Counselor has fun and exciting days planned, even a Game Truck one afternoon. There will be themed weeks; Ocean Week, Sports Week, Dinosaur Week just to name a few and Special days such as Carnival Day, Tye Dye Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day and more!

Job Opportunities

We are looking to hire two more Teachers and Teacher Assistants for the fall. If you know someone who is interested, please have them contact Donna Marie Clancy at 856-669-4491 or director@mustardseedccos.org. With 80 children we will be opening two more classrooms!