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To support our Pantry Families and protect our Pantry Volunteers during Covid-19, we have temporarily suspended the current Pantry process. Grocery donations have nearly ceased since the church has been closed to worship and closed to all the groups that use the church and donate groceries. We do not want our Volunteers to spend anymore time than is necessary for their own families in the grocery store.

During the last 2 weeks we have over-packed for each family, with a final extra pack and delivery on Friday 4/10/20. The few extra canned goods were donated to Bridge of Peace who has seen a 60% increase in their needs. An Acme gift card was mailed to each fo the families, including a gracious donation of a gift card from Jen Rhodes to all the families. In 4 weeks we will re evaluate when we will open the pantry and either send out another gift card or re-open.

Our congregation has been very generous over the years supporting our Pantry Families, and the Families have been very thankful. During this quarantine time, instead of donating groceries, please send a check made out to the LCOS Pantry. Thank you so much for your continued support.