Worship With Us!

8am & 10:30am Traditional
9:15am Contemporary

Now that Governor Murphy has reopened places of worship with a limit of 50 people (as of June 15) Our Savior’s Worship and Music Committee has provided a phased reopening of our worship space. Please note: we do not believe the threat of contracting Covid-19 is no longer an issue and recognize houses of worship have been indicated to be common locations and events that have created hotspots for outbreaks. In order to minimize, but not eliminate, the risk of contracting the virus the following worship schedule and details will begin on July 12. 

8:00 Worship in Sanctuary: for no more than 43 worshippers as we have 7 worship leaders and assistants who will also be in the building. Please adhere to the following. 

  • Enter by the sliding doors on Wayne Avenue as all other doors will be locked to entering the building.
  • Wear a mask. We will have some in case you forgot, but they will be required. Pastor Wayne will not lead worship if there is anyone unmasked in the congregation. 
  • Use the hand sanitizer available upon entering before moving to the sanctuary by the stairs or elevator if needed. 
  • A Worship Assistant will direct you to the next available pew as seating will be from the front to the back and every third pew to maintain a 6 foot distance between worshippers. 
  • Bulletins and communion elements (self-contained wafer and grape juice cups) will be in your pew for use during worship. 
  • There will be no singing or congregation involved liturgy to reduce the spread of water droplets. The order of service will basically be the Prayer of the Day, Readings, Sermon, Prayers, and Holy Communion. 
  • Worshippers will exit worship by the doors closest to the pulpit and directly out to the street from the stairwell exit doors. 
  • There will be no Coffee Hour in the narthex until the threat of Covid-19 is no greater than a regular virus infection.
  • Bathrooms will have wipes available for users to self-sanitize the surfaces they use. 

9:15 Zoom Reflections Worship: Since this is a much more interactive worship between attendees we have been using Zoom Meetings for participants to engage in this worship experience. Singing is included as well as an opportunity to participate in the Meal portion of worship using bread and fruit of the vine elements in your home. Go to our website for Zoom link to join.

10:30 Facebook Live Worship: Given the restrictions that must be in place for in-sanctuary worship that include the restriction of congregational song and vocal participation in the liturgy it has been decided to keep this service as it has been during the quarantine at least for the remainder of the summer. We will not be admitting people to worship at this service, but will be expanding those providing worship leadership in the sanctuary (e.g. readers, vocalists, instrumentalists). This will also reduce the skill level required of the Livestream Technician who will not need to insert video files and it will reflect what the livestream worship will be like once the full quarantine is lifted. Go to our website for the link to the livestream or Our Savior’s Facebook Page.


Enjoying Livestream Worship? Without a Livestream Technician by July 12 It Will End 

Now that we’ve got your attention here is the reality. We are deeply indebted to Vicar Josh Pontious who has been serving as our Facebook Live creator and operator each Sunday we’ve been in Coronavirus quarantine. However, as of July 31 his time with us as an intern will be over and without volunteers to serve as a livestream technician/operator to make sure the livestream runs smoothly, we will not be able to livestream the 10:30 worship service. Vicar Josh is in the process of finalizing the Livestream Operations Manual and will begin training interested volunteers immediately. You don’t need to be an expert in computers or technology to volunteer for the po-sition, but familiarity with social media technology is certainly a plus. 

Interested in learning more about being a livestream technician? Contact Vicar Josh or the church office (856-429-5122) to let us know.