Worship With Us!

8am & 10:30am Traditional
9:15am Contemporary

Church Schedules

Altar Guild
  • July
    Sue Tharp
  • August
    Peg Olt, Shirley Webb, Eva Shaw
Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour Set-up

Follow the directions for making coffee listed below. Make 1 pot of regular and 1 pot of decaf. Pour coffee into the appropriate thermal dispensers. Place dispensers on the table in the narthex. There are 2 tables, you may want to put the coffee and tea on one and the snacks on the other or together if they fit. Please check dispensers periodically to make sure there is plenty of coffee throughout the hour. The coffee packets, filters and the teapot are are on the shelf above the sink. All other supplies are in the cabinet in the library. Please make sure you put out the cream, sugar, tea bags, cups, stirrers and hot chocolate. There are bowls, napkins and spoons, if needed, in the same cabinet for the snacks. There is an extension cord, if needed, behind the sleeves of cups in the bottom of the cabinet in the library.

Coffee Hour Clean–Up

Please empty the coffee dispensers, rinse and store behind the coffee make. Please make sure the used coffee grinds are discarded. Empty the tea kettle and store in the cabinet above the sink. Any leftover snacks may be put in the refrigerator or freezer in the kitchen. Please put all condiments and supplies in the cabinet in the library. Please wipe all tables in the narthex with the Clorox Wipes by the sink. If placemats or tablecloths need cleaning, just leave them on a table in the narthex.

Coffee Schedule

  • Coffee Hour will resume in the fall
Communion Assistants


  • 8:00                Laura Oakes
  • 10:30             Betsy Kuehn


  • 8:00                Sandy DeDonatis
  • 10:30             Rich Windle


  • 8:00                Nancy Frazier
  • 10:30             Bob Mirabello


  • 8:00                Juhan Runne
  • 10:30             Jeanette Jelonek
Greeter List

July 2

  • 8 –Sandy DeDonatis
  • 10:30 –Deb Hartigan, Stacey Shaw

July 9

  • 8 –Janice Bellenghi
  • 10:30 –Paul Knauer, Stacey Shaw

July 16

  • 8 –Peg Hartmann
  • 10:30 –Janie Braccio, Linda Powell

July 23

  • 8 –Lindsay Burtcel
  • 10:30 –Amal Spence, Stacey Shaw

July 30

  • 8 –Jim & Nancy Frazier
  • 10:30 –Gary Visconti, Stacey Shaw

August 6

  • 8 –Bobbi Newsham, Glenn Martin
  • 10:30 –Kate & Wayne Rogers

August 13

  • 8 –Jim & Jane Evans
  • 10:30 –Peaches & Carol Larro

August 20

  • 8 –Laura Oakes
  • 10:30 –Deb Hartigan, Nancy Frazier

August 27

  • 8 –Lindsay Burtcel
  • 10:30 –Glenn Martin, Bobbi Newsham
Lay Reader Schedule

The readings for the Sunday you are scheduled for are always sent out the Monday before. If you cannot make it the Sunday you are scheduled for please let me know and I will get a substitute for you. The list of subs is just for my benefit.


Lay Reader Schedule

Offering Counters


  • Joannie Johnson
  • Nancy Gulick
  • Laurie Eason
  • Jane Evans


  • Dale Kredatus
  • Warren Reintzel
  • John & Joyce Drew


  • Nancy Gulick
  • Laura Oakes
  • Laurie Eason
  • Judy Caravelli
  • Paul Knauer
  • Bill & Betty Wilson
  • Michael Stolarick
  • Dale Kredatus
  • Jane Evans
  • Sandy DeDonatis
Ushers Schedule


  • 8- Jim & Jane Evans
  • 10:30– Stacey & Eva Shaw
  • (July 16 – Kate Zschech, Lindsay Burtcel)


  • 8- Linda & Kristine Monsen
  • 10:30– Jim & Nancy Frazier
  • (August 13 – Lindsay Burtcel, Tom Reiter)
Youth Group Schedule

Summer Schedule:

  • July 8th to 15th – Mission Trip to North Carolina
  • July 16th to 22nd – Delanco Jr. High 1 Camp (Entering 7th, 8th and 9th grades)
  • July 23rd to 28th – Youth Week/VBS
  • July 30th to August 5th – Delanco Teen Camp (Entering 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th grades)
  • August 6th to 12th – Delanco Jr. High II Camp (Entering 7th, 8th and 9th grades)