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In comparison to the smorgasbord of food some will have spread out on Super Bowl Sunday there are those in our country who would be thankful for a simple bowl of soup. You can help make that a reality in Camden.

Two soup kettles will be put out with the emblem of whoever wins the NFC and AFC Championships (which at this point is really up for grabs as we only know the Titans and Niners will be playing in those games) on their own kettle depending on who wins their respective conference title. Despite the outcome of the game later on, those in worship can determine who “wins” the Souper Bowl by placing donations for one of the two teams in their respective kettle. The kettle with the most cash is the Souper Bowl winner.

Who’s playing in Super Bowl LIV doesn’t really matter much when you’re hungry and on the street. Help those who are hungry this winter with your participation in the youth’s version of the Souper Bowl of Caring this year as you leave worship. Show your support for those for whom a bowl of soup means a lot more than a football game. In this bowl “game” the real winners are the hungry who are fed of our land.