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Thrivent Baptismal Medallions Given on Jan 7

THRIVENT BAPTISMAL MEDALLIONSOn Sunday, January 7, the Church celebrates the Baptism of our Lord. It is also the day The Lutheran Church Our Savior celebrates the baptisms of all the children who have been baptized in the previous year. At the 10:30 worship, parents and sponsors will renew the promises they made at the child’s baptism. The children will receive a blessing by Pastor Wayne as well as a gift of a pewter baptismal medallion. Parents who will be participating in the service are asked to confirm their attendance by contacting the church office either by phone (429-5122) or email the Parish Administrator, Sandy DeDonatis at (lcossandy@gmail.com).

Baptism Seminar for Adults & Parents at 9:30 on Saturday, Jan 13

A baptism seminar will be held in the Parlor on Saturday, January 13, from 9:30-11:00 for anyone who desires to be baptized and/or have his or her infant or child baptized. The class will be held in the 2nd floor Parlor. Parents are welcome to bring their child or children and if nursery care is needed the church office must be contacted in advance to coordinate a provider for the time. If you are planning to have your child baptized before Lent begins (Feb 14) this class will provide you an opportunity to better understand the sacrament and your role as a parent in bringing your child to the baptismal font. It will also provide parents an opportunity to meet and get to know other parents whose children will be growing up with yours in the church as well as deepen their own faith relationship with God.