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Christmas Dessert Contest!!!

Be the first to win the annual Christmas Pastry Chef Championship! Unlike “Chopped”, you select the ingredients and there is no time constraint. The successful entry must be a dessert with a Christmas theme. The judges will evaluate each entry on four criteria: creativity, presentation, taste and whimsy. Bring your entry to Parish Hall on December 3rd by 2 PM and join the fun!

Join a Table of Eight Fellowship Group for Dinner


Table Fellowship was a common practice for Jesus, and the early Christian Church. Table Fellowship offered significant benefits beyond a meal and beverage. It served as a casual opportunity to interact with existing friends as well as new friends and associates on daily events, family, religious, social and economic issues. Today, Table Fellowship is characterized by good conversation, laughter and a warm fuzzy feeling about those at the table.

Following the ancient tradition of Table Fellowship, the Fellowship Together Committee is sponsoring “tables of eight”. “Tables of eight” consist of eight people who meet once a month for Table Fellowship dinner. Each month there is a different host who provides the venue and entrée. Everyone else brings side dishes and suitable beverages. The monthly host coordinates to ensure balance.

The first table of eight fellowship event starts in January and will finish in April. We need at least eight volunteers for the first Fellowship Table of eight. Please contact Kate Zschech or Jack Berrigan before December 23rd to participate.

Tables of 8

  • January 14,
  • February 18,
  • March 18,
  • April 29

Directions and Attendees will be mailed out in November.