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Our Savior Saints Remembered on All Saints Sunday, Nov 5; Worship Begins in Memorial Garden

Last year we began a new tradition and will again this year by having both the 8:00 and 10:30 worship services begin outside with a Thanksgiving for the Saints of Our Savior who have entered Life Eternal since our last celebration of All Saints Sunday in 2016. Worshippers will process from the Memorial Garden into the sanctuary during the Gathering Hymn.

The saints we will be remembering in the Thanksgiving for Saints of Our Savior and including in a bookmark keepsake that day include;

  • Lillian Anderson
  • Donald Rusie
  • Norma Slemmer
  • Ellis Danley
  • Betty Keene
  • Eleanor Rogers
  • Antoinette Majerholc
  • Carole Hammon
  • Horace Shone
  • Erling Pettersen
  • Daniel Myers