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At their February meeting the Congregation Council resolved to sell the 12-passenger church van due to frequent repairs and lack of use. The van was originally purchased in 2000 in order to provide a shuttle service for seniors who either no longer drove or would prefer not having to do so in order to attend Sunday worship. However it has been over a decade since any seniors have expressed an interest in this ministry, citing the van’s difficulty in getting into and out of. And while the van has been the main vehicle used for the summer youth mission trips each year, its usefulness for transporting confirmation and senior high youth to various events and activities during the year has diminished to only a handful of times a year. Additionally, due to its age, it is in need of more frequent repairs.

The expenses associated with the church van are funded through the Kathryn Davis Trust and while those expenses are completely covered by the funds generated by the trust, the Council believed it would be a better stewardship of those resources if they were used to rent a van when needed and use the funds for other forms of ministry consistent with the terms of the initial bequest. The funds generated by the sale of the van would also be deposited into the Davis Trust.

Anyone interested in purchasing the van or who knows of someone interested in potentially purchasing it is asked to contact the church office for details. A price and timeline for selling the van has not yet been determined.