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18 to Participate in Affirmation of Baptism on Either May 23 or June 6

On both May 23 and June 6 at the 10:30 worship services, the 18 confirmation youth from both the Classes of 2020 and 2021 will participate in the Affirmation of Baptism (Confirmation) rite depending on their preference and availability. We had to postpone the Class of 2020’s Affirmation of Baptism due to the pandemic and the uncertainty of when we would be able to gather again safely in sanctuary for worship. Despite now being reopened for worship the pandemic protocols still require use of only half the pews, which would both eliminate the possibility of other worshippers attending on Confirmation Day and families being able to invite additional family and friends for the occasion. By holding the rite on two separate Sundays this will allow for more guests and regular worshippers to attend worship at 10:30 despite having the two classes mixed on their confirmation day.

Please keep these youth in your prayers as they prepare to accept the responsibilities of Christian discipleship in the promises of their Confirmation Affirmation of Baptism this month and the next.

Class of 2020: Brian Bogina, Grace Ewing, Sarah Fetter, Ben Hintz, Theo Howard, Collin Johnson , Javier Miller, Matt Morris, and Abby Ryan.

Class of 2021: Cleo and Lila Cottone, Andrew Kiewel, Dylan Melcher, Robert Pineiro, Ava Poliafico, Emerson Riley, Andrew Smith, and Bennett Wright.