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YearAverage YTD AttendanceTotal General Fund Offerings
2019160$ 76,581
2020186$ 72,087
2021184 *$ 67,510

* Since church closed in March 2020, weekly attendance is calculated using a formula provided by the ELCA: number of one- minute views on our livestream multiplied by 2 to get the number of people worshipping by livestream. Add the actual number of people joining the Reflections service by Zoom and the actual number of people attending the 8:00 AM service in person to get the total number in attendance for any given week.

Thank You for Being Stewards of God’s Love

Thank you to all those who are mailing in their offering envelopes or giving electronically. In these difficult times, Our Savior’s faithful givers are sharing their offerings so that others may know God’s love. We may be socially distant, but our faith and commitment continue to be at work in the world.

Stewards of God’s Love: God Comes Down, God’s People Look Inward

Well, here we are facing another pandemic spring. It’s been a year with lots of time to think about priorities, choices and needs. And while the immediate future looks a little brighter than this time last year, there are still a lot of unknowns and issues to be resolved in our lives. It’s still a time when we are forced to think about what we value and where we want to put our time and God-given gifts.

In the religious tradition, we are in a period of discernment. Where is God’s Spirit leading each of us?

When we affirm our faith at Confirmation, we answer the question “Do you intend to continue in the covenant God made with you in holy baptism,” by saying “We do, and we ask God to help and guide us.” And so begins a daily claiming and rediscovering of the God-given gifts of discipleship. These gifts overlap and are intertwined, as one gift flows into another and into faithful living. Such gifts can be transformative and bring unexpected changes. That is especially true as we ponder our own personal God-given gifts. How might our lives please God? How can we use our gifts to help God’s creation?

At Our Savior we spent last year recognizing that God comes down to us in love, signified when we make the sign of the cross and bring our hands down from our heads to our hearts. This year we’re keeping our hands at our hearts and turning inward to God to discern his plan for our lives. We are mistaken if we think that stewardship of God’s gifts is only about money and giving, as important as those are. Stewardship is just as much about what God-given gifts of talent, interests and abilities go into making us who we are—each of us God’s unique and special individuals.

This spring season of awakening life and new growth calls us to spend time discerning what special talents, skills, and interests God has given us to do his work. Who would benefit if we share those abilities? How can our gifts make us good disciples? What is God calling us to share?

No matter our age, we are all on this journey of pursuing God’s plan for us and can still question what else God has in store. Maybe there’s a new adventure in our future!


Offerings: Envelopes & Loose412,30026,01067,510412,3000
Other Income14,1001,0101,22014,1000
TOTAL REVENUE426,40027,02068,730426,4000
Staff Salary & Benefits305,09124,98650,035308,0913,000
Property Management45,0005,3638,32643,000(2,000)
TOTAL EXPENSE451,46038,39575,269452,4061,000
OPERATIONAL SURPLUS/DEFICIT(25,060)(11,375)(6,539)(26,006)(1,000)