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At the May Worship and Music meeting the team addressed the concern of some members in holding a fully vaccinated worship option so those who are concerned about contracting the Coronavirus could worship without worry. The Council approved the recommendation to hold a Fully Vaccinated Sunday Worship on the third Sunday of each month at the 8:00 worship time. Those who are not yet fully vaccinated are invited to attend the 10:30 worship time instead. Features of the Fully

Vaccinated Worship service include: 

  • Singing of the hymns and liturgy (although still masked until the governor lifts the requirement for fully vaccinated residents) 
  • Holy Communion distribution from the front by the pastor. Please sanitize hands before coming forward to receive wafer and dipping it in the wine. 

As the pandemic continues to abate as a result of increased vaccinations and state mandated restrictions are lifted, we will be expanding fully vaccinated Sunday worship to more Sundays in the month. It is our hope that by September we will be able to worship without masks and without any restrictions or limitations to participation. Thank you for your patience throughout this past 15 months. Be bold in the Spirit as we step out in faith, trust the science world with recent information, and return to our faithful living among God’s faithful people, worshipping together, proclaiming the Good News, serving all people, and striving for justice and peace as Christ’s disciples.