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Operations to Continue Through LCOS Mission Investment Fund Dedicated Account

At Our Savior’s last audit Bowman and Associates, who performed the financial review, provided the following recommendation: “We recommend that only one set of books be maintained that is covered by the Church’s internal controls in order to increase the dependability and accuracy of the information and to ensure that all users are working from the same information in order to make wise, informed decisions in their respective responsibilities.” Given this recommendation the Congregation Council at its February meeting agreed that the LCOS Altar Guild account currently held at Republic Bank be closed by the end of March and the funds be transferred to the LCOS Dedicated Account held with the ELCA Mission Investment Fund and there be a separate line item created with the designation, “LCOS ALTAR GUILD.”

This change would not significantly impact how the Altar Guild operates with respect to receiving flower memorial contributions and paying for altar flowers and other altar guild worship materials. The Altar Guild treasurer, Stacey Shaw, would still be responsible for tracking altar flower memorials and insuring corresponding bills are paid by the bookkeeper after submitting a voucher for payment.

Beginning April 1, 2021 all altar flower contributions are to paid by the following protocol:

  1. Make check payable to LUTHERAN CHURCH OF OUR SAVIOR or LCOS
  2. Write “LCOS ALTAR GUILD – FLOWERS” in the Memo line of the check