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We welcome all because God welcomes all.

Baptism Statement

Baptism is a celebration of new life and marks introduction into the Christian Community. Lutherans understand baptism as a sign of God’s grace that bestows on the baptized the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Lutheran Church of Our Savior joyfully performs baptisms for the smallest of babies as well as to children, teenagers, and adults who have yet to be baptized.

In keeping with our commitment to following Jesus’s path of welcoming all, the Lutheran Church of Our Savior performs baptisms for children from families of all backgrounds and kinships, including those of the LGBTQIA community, those who have been never married, and those with various family structures.

Given the role of baptism as entry into the Christian community, all baptisms take place on Sunday during worship.

Please call the Church office at 856-429-5122 for more information.

Marriage Statement

We rejoice in the happiness you have found in one another and commend you for seeking the counsel and guidance of the church as you prepare for a Christian wedding. We rejoice both on your decision to marry and your desire to ask God to bless your relationship with a ceremony designed to reflect the heart of your commitment to one another.

Marriage is a gift of God, intended for the joy and mutual strength of those who enter it and for the well-being of the whole human family. The Lutheran Church of Our Savior is honored to offer the blessing of Jesus Christ to couples of all sexual orientations and gender identities. We welcome both members and non-members to be married in our beautiful sanctuary. Lutherans believe that marriage is both a scared and civil rite-licensed by the state, consecrated, proclaimed, blessed, and celebrated by the church.

The wedding ceremony you create with the Pastor will reflect your love and commitment to each other and will enable you to celebrate God’s abundant blessing. We hope the words you use will communicate your love and commitment to all who gather with you on this festive day.

Rainbow Garden Flag

At a Justice and Peace Committee Meeting, a member shared that she feels more comfortable entering businesses when she knows she will be safe and welcomed fully as she is – a gay married woman – without judgement and with full acceptance. As we are striving to communicate to all entering our church that they are welcome just as they are, we decided to purchase a garden flag with a rainbow that communicates “All are Welcome.”

While such a small signal may be something you have not thought about before or even think is necessary at all, consider the subtle signs that let you know that you are welcome. For members of the LGBTQIA community, it often is looking for signs such as a rainbow or equality sticker at a door or window of a business. As we strive towards becoming more openly affirming and welcoming, our rainbow flag will be one of the steps we take towards that goal.


PFLAG (Parents, Families, Friends of Lesbians and Gays) PFLAG was founded in 1973. It is the United State’s first and largest organization uniting parents, families, and allies with people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. LCOS has a supportive relationship with the Collingswood Chapter.

LCOS Food Pantry

ELCA Social Statement: Human Sexuality (2009)

My Father’s House Tuesday Meal

ELCA Social Statement: Human Sexuality (2009)