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Sunday School

Since this is another year we are unable to do an Easter Egg Hunt, with the help of the Youth Group, we figured out a new idea to get the Sunday School kids engaged. But this year it is open to all ages, even high school! This is what was sent out to the families.

As most of you all know, I LOVE our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Unfortunately in 2019 we had to cancel because of a storm, 2020 & 2021 did not happen because of Covid. So! I thought of a way (with the help of the Youth Group) to do a “Easter Egg Hunt” this year.

Has your family ever played the ABC game while on a road trip? Well it will be kind of like that. You and your child/ren will walk or drive around your town and find signs with the letters of the alphabet on them. For example, S is for Starbucks. When you get your letter, snap a picture and send it to me.

All pictures must be in to me by April 2nd at 7:00pm. Every letter is worth a piece of candy. If they get all 26 letters, they will get 26 pieces of candy and a JUMBO bar. You will come to church on April 3rd between 10:00am to 11:30am to pick up a prepackaged bag of candy. Please make sure you wear a mask when you pick up your bag. Please RSVP to me by March 25th.

Thank you to everyone who is helping make The ABC’s of Lent a great success! I hope you are all enjoying it! If your child is interested in Virtual Sunday School, it is still not too late!! You can join every once in a while. We meet every Sunday at 9:30 via Zoom and it lasts about 15 minutes. I know that your children are tired of the internet by Sunday morning, so I try to keep it short. But after they are done with the virtual part, they can go have a discussion with their parents to better understand the story they just heard. If you have any questions or if your child wants to join us, please let me know by emailing me at LCOSJaime@gmail.com.


Congratulations to Sophia Howard! She has been nominated to be the Youth Representative for the New Jersey Synod at Churchwide Assembly in the Summer of 2022.

Unfortunately we will have to postpone our Annual Youth Sunday this year. Seniors please keep an eye out for information for your Senior Blessing Service.

April Youth Group Schedule:

  • 4 – No Meeting
  • 11 – Bible Study
  • 18 – Catch up
  • 25 – Game Night

Remember, it is never too late to join Oasis. It is open to all 9th to 12th graders. If your child is interested, please email me at LCOSJaime@Gmail.com.


We will be having Virtual VBS again this summer. Our theme this year is “On Earth as in Heaven!” It is coming from ELCA’s World Hunger. I am excited for this program so the kids can learn a little more about The Lord’s Prayer. Please keep an eye out in May’s Messenger about dates and more information.

When I started to think about what Bible story to focus on this month, I was torn on the story of “Doubting Thomas” and “The Great Commission”. But after praying over it, I decided to focus on “The Great Commission”, you can find this in Luke 24:36-53, we will be learning about it in Sunday School on April 18th. When you first read the story you hear Jesus telling his Disciples to go out and tell the world His story. But hearing this story now, is it that easy? Do you sometimes struggle to talk about your faith? If you said yes, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am sure if you ask any Pastor or worker for the church, they may say they feel uncomfortable talking about their faith at times. I know I have! So what can we do to start to feel more comfortable when talking about our faith and our love for God?

We could start by talking about it more in our homes. One big way to start is by saying prayers before bed, or a blessing before a meal. Now you may say, Miss Jaime, we already do that! So, how about you take turns doing your blessings before a meal. Is there a set person in your family that always says the blessing? I know in my family, it is always me. Next meal, have someone else try out praying before your meal. It may feel awkward at first, but be supportive and help them if they want to prepare their prayer beforehand.

So how else can you start talking to friends about God and your faith? You can invite them to join us for worship on Facebook Live. Also, you can ask them to join you for Virtual VBS, they can meet you outside to do the lessons with you every day, and even have a snack while doing it. A super easy way is to ask your parents to share your video of ABCs of Lent. They can see you in a video and read a Bible verse, and pray with you! I cannot wait to hear the ideas you come up with on how you can share your faith and your love of God with others. I know this may be hard to try, but always remember what God says to us in Luke “Go everywhere in the world and teach people about me. And remember, I will always be with you!” I look forward to the Sunday that we can invite your friends to Sunday School with you, in person. But until then you can always invite them to Virtual Sunday School. If your child has never joined us for Sunday School, it is never too late. Please email me at LCOSJaime@gmail.com for more information!

Miss you all! Miss Jaime