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What is white privilege? How has it been misinterpreted? How does it contribute to systemic racism?

These are just some of the questions participants will address in this 9-hour workshop over the course of Friday night and Saturday. The goal of the workshop is to help people better identify, talk about, and intervene to address white privilege and its consequences.

Why attend?

In the 2019 ELCA Statement to People of African Descent we claim at the end of the document, “An apology is only empty words and promises unless it is accompanied by action, which is grounded in prayer, education, and soul-searching repentance.” This workshop works toward beginning such a journey.

What will we talk about? Some are:

  • Understanding the system of inequity
  • Accumulated advantages for whites and accumulated disadvantages for people of color
  • Clarity on the different types of white privilege
  • The impact of internalized racism and internalized privilege

What skills will be learned?

  • Identifying and analyzing white privilege and white culture, and practicing how to address them in different settings
  • How to identify entry points for conversation and transformation
  • How to talk about white privilege and structural racism with individuals and groups

What are some hopeful outcomes?

By the conclusion of the training, we hope participants will:

  • Be aware of how white privilege operates
  • Learn more about how to instigate change in one’s sphere of influence
  • Increase one’s confidence in talking about white privilege
  • Advance their ability to make a compelling case for addressing white privilege

Interested in attending? Here’s what you need to know. The cost is free. Participants are asked to arrive between 6:30-7:00 PM to meet and get to know other participants. The workshop will begin promptly at 7:00 PM and then continue again at 9:00 AM on Saturday before concluding by 5:00 PM. Lunch will be provided on Saturday. Please call the church office, 856-429-5122, or email Sandy, lcossandy@gmail.com to reserve your spot and to ensure we have enough materials for everyone.