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Usher Ministry

Usher Ministry

Usher Ministry serves the congregation by supporting worship services and welcoming both visitors and members to the church.

Ushers are instructed on their duties and normally serve in pairs all Sundays of their assigned month. A detailed list of duties is provided. Those duties include arriving at least 15 minutes before worship to receive any additional instruction from the Pastor, distributing the weekly Sunday Bulletin and Communication Cards, and welcoming everyone to Our Savior. 

Essential in the duties are reserving pews for baptisms, special events and for the choir; preparing the Sanctuary for worship; counting attendance and completing the Attendance Slip; and directing the congregation on when to move forward to receive Communion.

At times, other duties may be required (i.e. assist with offering, helping members with mobility issues, helping prepare for Communion). Collecting and recycling leftover bulletins, papers, etc. from the Sanctuary, turning off the lights and locking the doors at the end of the final worship service is the final requirement.

Please contact the Parish Administrator (856-429-5122 or lcossandy@gmail.com) if you are interested in training to serve as an usher.