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I have heard the question directly and through-the-grapevine so many times in the last months, I’ve lost count. When can we SING again in worship? For many, it doesn’t feel like church without getting to sing and getting to hear our choir in person. Well, let me answer that question in this month’s article! As you may (or may not) know, singing transmits aerosols and droplets a lot more aggressively than regular speaking, which is why it has been really dangerous to sing during this pandemic. However, we do have Dr Fauci on record that congregational singing will be safe once 85% have been vaccinated! So here is your answer – once our area of Camden County and the surrounding areas has hit that magical number, you can sing your favorite hymns in church again! As of right now (I am writing this article on April 15th, thankfully NOT tax day this year!), Camden County has over 40% with at least one dose and almost 28% fully vaccinated. We are getting close to being able to make music again! If you just cannot wait and are vaccinated, join the choir for the remainder of the season – those participating are all vaccinated and sing on Thursday nights 8-9pm. If you want the time of singing to get there faster, help those around you to get their vaccines by helping them get appointments, registering those who may not be tech savvy, or driving them to appointments.

Here is a helpful graphic from the Center for Congregational Song that tracks the national vaccination rate. We are higher than the national percentage, so we are getting closer and closer to making music together every day. Thanks be to God! Pauline